We did it by the grace of God and with your support!  The launching of ‘JUST GOD: No Brands… No Labels’ Gathering in Washington, DC, at the MLK Memorial, Resurrection Weekend, April 3—4, 2021 was successful. Thousands visited and saw our vision. From there we went to the ARK State Capitol on May 6.  NOW ON INDEPENDENCE DAY, 2021, COMES THE 1,000,000+ Signing of the Declaration of JUST GOD in the USA.  We plan to visit every State Capitol, host a JUST GOD gathering and activate a JUST GOD representation in each state.  I along with a great national team are here to help uplift this God-ordained work from coast to coast. The nation is counting on your prayers, uplift and support.
“When the Body of Christ rises up to make ‘biblical rights’ and the ‘biblical rights movement’ our number one priority and lay aside all our brands and labels, there will be little and often ‘no need’ for civil rights and/or a civil rights movement. We have wasted too much time here aiming to come up with solutions that have been resolved since the beginning. Assuredly, when biblical rights are foundational in every mode of governance, they encompass every civil right, human right, and ultimate plan that God ever intended for a creation that chooses to please and honor Him.  Now through July 4, we invite you to help us mount up a return to God with an Independence Day JUST GOD: No Brands… No Labels Declaration.  We will sign it here and reveal to the nation that {We the People 0F GOD} are putting our biblical rights and principles up top; now and always. Click our sign up link and consider donating via PayPal or CashApp to help us reach all 50 states with this Declaration being signed.” Arthur L. Hunt, Jr. | 870.623.8179
JUST GOD — No Brands… No Labels
~A New Focus on What’s Been Here Since the Beginning~
We ask this question again, to the ones who have not seen and to the ones who are still deciding on when and how to answer— Who can say ‘no’ to a message, a focus on JUST GOD? In the beginning, God. It was just God. Isn’t it time for the nation and the world to bring this purest essence of what God created and intended back to the way it was? We all came from God, and we are all on our way back to God. He created all of us; God owns all of us and no one owns Him. He is God alone. The day has come when we His Creation must re-move ourselves and organizational adhering brands and labels from the purest ‘Just God’ existence. The people of God must realign ourselves with what it means to behold the ‘Just God’ meaning that is as real today as it was from the beginning when it was ‘Just God.’ Simply stated… JUST GOD is about the God of the Bible, who is a ‘Just’ God, who is about Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is still LOVE. God is Love. Repentance, Forgiveness are the eternal outcomes. We the people of God cannot allow anything or anyone to enter the space that is reserved for JUST GOD adherence. This must become resolute.
Love is the central theme and must be the most prominent trait and trademark of everyone who knows that we must return ourselves back to a day, a time and a world that is purely and surely… JUST GOD: No Brands… No Labels. In the beginning, God ‘moved’ in the firmament and this movement continues. We have it now and it is all about our living in a ‘JUST GOD’ world. Let US(A) go spreading Love.