IT HAPPENED… April 3—4, 2021

We the People (of God) … “From Insurrection to Resurrection” A Higher Power— JUST GOD… No Brands… No Labels

Washington, DC Live from the MLK Memorial

When the Body of Christ rises up to make ‘biblical rights’ and the ‘biblical rights movement’ our number one priority and lay aside all our brands and labels, there will be little and often ‘no need’ for civil rights and/or a civil rights movement. We have wasted too much time here aiming to come up with solutions that have been resolved since the beginning. Assuredly, when biblical rights are foundational in every mode of governance, they encompass every civil right, human right, and ultimate plan that God ever intended for a creation that chooses to please and honor HimI am announcing the ‘JUST GOD: No Brands… No Labels’ Gathering in Washington, DC, at the MLK Memorial, Resurrection Weekend, April 3—4, 2021.
Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr.  {30-year producer of MLK legacy tributes, 1989-Current}  | 870.623.8179
The JUST GOD Biblical Rights Movement was strongly planted in the Nation’s Capital on Resurrection Weekend 2021.  We were awarded the only Permit on the National Mall.  It was a divine appointment and we worked and were successful in making God happy.  Many persons were blessed.
The team assigned to this work is strong in the faith and the Word of God.  In the coming days you will meet them.  For now, see them in action in our gallery.
During these two days, thousands of persons walked through the MLK Memorial to honor Rev. Dr. King 53 years beyond his final prophecy and ultimate assassination. Some had little thought of Resurrection weekend and of Rev. Dr. King as a biblical rights leader.  They left with a new uplift and new insights.
The JUST GOD: No Brands… No Labels mission/focus is all about getting all of US(A) solidly in the space that is preserved and reserved for Just God who is a ‘just’ God.  Moving beyond the politics, the denominations, anything and everything that can and does so often divide the ‘we the people (of God) from our truest unity and Oneness in God. The God of the bible is both deserving and desirous of our unity in the highest measure.  We will deliver and collectively bring this to past.
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We are praying the JUST GOD Biblical Rights Movement across the USA at every state capital. It moves across as ‘gatherings.’   Gatherings of God’s people coming together to love, forgive, heal and most important advance the work that has been here since the beginning… God.  And how He has a plan for all His Creation.   How we live in Him and move in Him and have our being.  This is the ‘NOW’ moment/movement that will never cease.
Take a look at the gallery and pray.  Sign up for your city so we can keep you in the loop and informed of our strategic plans.  It includes prayer, reading the Word and more.