“The College of Aspiring Artists Presents…” The Pre-launch Video to the Tour
👉🏽THIS IS FOR THE MUSIC LOVERS AT THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS TIME— A High Definition Video for the Entire Family. {Part I- ahead of the concert}

“The College of Aspiring Artists Presents…”
The Pre-launch Video to the Tour
👉🏽THIS IS FOR THE MUSIC LOVERS AT THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS TIME— A High Definition Video for the Entire Family. {Part I- ahead of the concert}

JUST GOD — No Brands… No Labels

A New Focus on What’s Been Here Since the Beginning… The Promised Land!

In the beginning it was just God. Isn’t it time for the nation and the world to bring this purest essence of what God created and intended back to the way it was? We all came from God and we are all on our way back to God. He created all of us, God owns all of us and no one owns Him. He is God alone. The day has come when we His Creation must re-move our self-and organizational adhering brands and labels from the purest ‘Just God’ existence and realign ourselves with what it means to see, behold the ‘Just God’ meaning that is as real today as it was from the beginning when it was ‘Just God.’ Simply stated… JUST GOD is about a ‘Just God’ who is about Faith, Hope and Love. Then and now abides; faith, hope and love and today the greatest of these is still LOVE.
Love is the central theme and must be the most prominent trait and trademark of everyone who knows that we must return ourselves back to a day, a time and a world that is purely and surely… JUST GOD: No Brands… No Labels. In the beginning, God ‘moved’ in the firmament and this movement continues. We have it now and it’s all about us living in a ‘JUST GOD’ world. Let’s go spreading Love.
I. About Us
After two years of THE CLEANSE with a National Cleansing work, we move to our JUST GOD assignment. It’s about JUST GOD who is a ‘JUST’ GOD.
A. JUST GOD… No Brands, No Labels denotes the simplicity of the Gospel and the works of God from age to age. Keeping it simple but real, God is love and all about FAITH, HOPE, LOVE. Love… from God to all of us and from us back to God and from us one to another. Love is the Key because God is Love. Thus… JUST GOD— No Brands… No Labels
  1. It is for all whom God so loved that He gave He only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ as a ransom to redeem mankind back to Him.
  2. It comes without respect of person. It urges us to see ourselves all created equal by Him.
  3. It denotes that the God of the Bible created us and from one blood He created all nations
  4. We all came from God and we are all on our way back to God.
B. JUST GOD is truly about without Brands or Labels. God is God and at purest account is know by His Word. The Bible, the Word of God.
  1. While we know that God made us all different, He never meant for us to be divided.
  2. We are God-first and God-consumed persons who recognize that our brands of ethnicity, denominations, political parties, and numerous other entities and organizations, groups, etc., have divided us for the last time.
  3. During this Pandemic and beyond, it is clear that in many ways we have been forced out of buildings and business as usual. We see this as a means to look more closely at the Body of Christ (BOC) in the original template that God formed us. We see how sin and darkness deformed us and now we must come together and ‘lay aside’ every weight and the sin that so easily besets us.
    a. What are these sins? How do we repent and be cleansed?
The National Tour Schedule Begins November 21, 2020 and Culminates April 3-4, 2021, in Washington D.C. at the MLK Memorial on the National Mall for a National Gathering
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It has been a while since America has been in such a state of multi-polarized conditions. A divide within the church, the political construct, racial and ethnic divides, etc.
Add to this COVID—19, the Pandemic that has families and communities in great distress, and now a new President who needs our prayers. The questions are: Where is God amidst all of this? What do we need to recover? Where do we go to get the ultimate resolve?
The Answer: JUST GOD… No Brands… No Labels. This vision-restoring initiative is launching from the Delta to D.C., with a national tour for the 2020 seasons of Thanksgiving, Christmas and 2021 seasons of New Years’ Day, MLK Holiday through Resurrection Sunday.
National leaders and creative talents from the faith, music, corporate, philanthropic, educational, etc., are coming together to bring the message of JUST GOD… No Brands… No Labels to communities across the nation. Artists desiring to join to tour are welcome to sign on. Proceeds will benefit The College of Aspiring Artists and THE LEGACY CENTER in West Dumas, Arkansas, organizers of the tour. Artists will be compensated per revenue-sharing from tour dates and full profits from merchandise sold from tour venue sites.
The tour opens November 21, in Arkansas and from Arkansas across America culminating April 3-4, coinciding with Resurrection Sunday 2021 and the 53 rd Anniversary of the Final Prophecy and Assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., (1968—2021).
We are featuring artists on the tour, to start with Parkes Stewart. Though we do not want to give glory to the brands that divide us, we do want to honor the gifts God has given us in the form of the artists and speakers who will connect with this move of God, beginning with Parkes Stewart. Others will be signing on as God ordains. Recording artist and songwriter Parkes Stewart has made a name for himself. He also recorded two Gospel albums in the early and mid-90s, a self-titled Light Records debut and a wonderful Sophomore project Another Chapter Psalms 51 that's still in rotation till this day. In 2004, he released a soulful project which featured both Gospel and tasteful R/b songs called Heart and Soul Nexus. Hearken back to a period when that smooth Motown sound delighted the ear. The golden years, long before soul music deteriorated to meaningless bump and grind. In those golden years, there was a message in the music and as Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and Stevie Wonder proved, the lyrical content could almost be… spiritual. Like a man born out of his time, Parkes delivers music that is heartfelt, spiritual soul, and R&B that evokes comparisons to the greats of rhythm and blues that influenced him. Similarly, gifted lyrically, he takes smooth to a new level linking their old school flavor with new school vibe.
If the same Parkes Stewart is both familiar and unfamiliar, it is because he has written songs for other artists such as:
  1. “Cry On” for 112 on the tribute to Notorious B.I.G. (over 3 million copies sold)
  2. “Open Arms” & “More than Just A Melody” for Yolanda Adams
  3. One of the biggest hit of all times for Commissioned “Ordinary Just Won’t Do” which was used by Dave Hollister
  4. “I Am Here,” “No More Loneliness,” “Hold Me,” “I Love Thinking of You,” and “Victory,” just to name a few for Commissioned.
Parkes Stewart sings and writes a thrilling combination of spiritual soul and R&B music that seamlessly blends songs of longing, pain, love, and hope. Parkes explains that his objective to be the (“nexus” meaning connection) linking our humanity and spirituality. His intention was to look for the purity in the love relationship between husband and wife, man and brother, and man and God.
Parkes music has something for everyone, for people who have experienced divorce, the young person with potential who just needs a helping hand, and for the burdened soul who needs God.
The Marvin Gaye influence pervades from his soul as Parkes effectively recalls the spirit of Marvin’s most socially conscious work.
Here Parkes pleads to God for guidance on his song “Help Us” (which musically hearkens to Gaye’s “I Want You”) and his song “My Brother” (a clear descendent to Gaye’s “Trouble Man”) each of which bemoans the loss of the community spirit that fueled the early civil rights movement and its replacement by a more individualistic, materialistic culture. Even better his anthem “My Soul,” which serves as a paean to both the civil rights leaders of the 60s (Malcolm X, King) and the socially conscious Soul Music singers of that era (Cooke, Hathaway, Wonder).
For Parkes, it has always been more than music. It is about keeping it real and dealing with issues that are usually swept under the carpet. The music then becomes not just an expression of what he does but is something he truly is.
Now he is back with a Social Awareness Single called “Put the K in Kool” (Come Together) that is taking the world by storm. Parkes truly believes that in spite all that’s going on in the world, his new single “Put the K In Kool” (Come Together) will bless and encourage every listener that hears it, as the song says , if we walk together, we can talk together, if we talk together, we can make it better.
Also available is Parkes very first Holiday Christmas CD, “Extraordinary Christmas” which will be available on all digital platforms and will be featured during the holiday season as a major part of the tour. Tickets are available in some venues with live audiences on site and other sites will streaming globally.
For more information contact… Edward Armstead III at E.a.t.musicgroup@gmail.com or Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., CEO, The College of Aspiring Artists at

THE MLK MEMORIAL, Washington D.C. | July 4—6, 2020