JUST GOD: No Brands… No Labels

April 3—4, Washington DC | National Mall
MLK Memorial

A New Focus on What’s Been Here
Since the Beginning… JUST GOD!

One Million + Loyalist…
Arrive At The Promised Land

Washington D.C., our Nations’ Capitol is the Land of Promise that has been designated to today’s children of God as significantly as Canaan was promised to the children of Israel. Isn’t it time to possess it?
April 3-4, 2021 is Resurrection Weekend, (Saturday/Sunday), and is providentially also the 53rd Anniversary of the Final Prophecy and Assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., (1968—2021).  It will be the weekend of the national gathering for JUST GOD… No Brands… No Labels. The purest vision and decree of all times.  JUST GOD who is a ‘Just God’. We will come together and leave all the branding of political parties, denominations, racial differences and labeling behind; no, as a matter of fact we will dump these and return it and vow never to pick them up again.
We must go and declare… JUST GOD… No Brands… No Labels to a nation divided and too far removed from the God of the Bible.  
Who’s In and How We Do It:
A. ‘50 States United’ with each sendingJUST GOD’ Representatives (the Nation’s first)
  1. These are the leaders who are Just God focused who will gather at the Memorial to read the entire bible and pray for the USA to return to Just God principles and values. We will move from Insurrection to Resurrection of our faith, hope and love for God and His people.
  2. These leaders will help underwrite the requirements to present this event on the National Mall. Total Cost is estimated at $75,000. Each state raises $1,000. The Just God Representative commits to assisting with this effort and for their expenses to and from DC for the 2-day gathering.  Our website allows each state to support this with donations from $5 to $1,000+ in order to achieve this goal and render this in a most excellent way.
B. The Happenings
  1. The MLK Memorial will stand as the National Pulpit as it is the only monument that honors a minister of the gospel. It is the sacred landmark and gathering place for JUST GOD.
  2. Each Just God State Representative will be responsible for reading their state’s assigned biblical passage during the two-day period. This is the cleansing of the nation by the washing of the Word. They will also pray and proclaim Just God during certain programmed times.
  3. Worship Leaders are being invited to come on site to render praise and worship in song, dance, instrumental.
  4. Live streaming and social media to include zoom sessions will take place during the services so constant updates and intercession will be in high intensity for breakthrough.
C. Get Involved
  1. Post and share this with all persons you know who are ‘Just God’ engaged who will serve as a ‘Just God’
  2. Make a donation to help us achieve this unprecedented and most vital spiritual uplift and transformation of love, healing, hope and forgiveness.
  3. Sign up your ministry to be a JUST GOD Get JUST GOD gear to wear to uplift the banner of JUST GOD in US(A) everywhere we go.
  4. Official Website:

THE MLK MEMORIAL, Washington D.C. | July 4—6, 2020