Your commitment to read or to oversee the reading of the entire passage for your state during the Cleanse.



  1. READ FOR YOUR HOME, CITY, STATE & NATION on April 3 – 4, 2021: Click Here  and commit to read God’s word aloud on before sundown. Once you have registered, that’s it…Then
  2. RECRUIT FRIENDS & FAMILY: Multiply your efforts by encouraging family and friends to participate in the reading for your state – and in other states. Consider praying together before you begin and again once you have completed the section of scripture!
  3. COMPLETE THE READING & REPORT BACK: Working individually or as a team to read your state’s portion. Stand in the gap for the nation with arms raised in praise and in worship. THEN REPORT BACK: Once your reading is completed, let us know & identify your state on the JUST GOD Facebook Page or by emailing A house, and country, that is divided will not stand. The power of the Holy Spirit is found when His people operate in unity and Psalm 133 explains how good and pleasing it is to our Father when we do.

    Everyone can read and pray together during THE CLEANSE.

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